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Top NICs Go Head-to-Head

NVIDIA Mellanox ConnectX-5 vs. Broadcom NetXtreme E

The Tolly Group Provides a Hands-On Evaluation of the Top Data Center Interconnects

Download the Comparison Report to Learn:

  • Performance comparison for consistent RoCE and DPDK throughput to enable superior scale
  • Network and storage traffic offload assessment to validate server efficiency
  • Why fabric-agnostic Zero Touch RoCE (ZTR) achieves the highest performance on lossy fabrics
  • Which adapter achieved higher and more consistent performance and scalability across four tests

Data center computing environments for enterprise, cloud, edge, hyper-converged infrastructures (HCI), and distributed storage demand higher performance, scalability and resiliency. The challenge in enabling data center scaling is to build a robust, efficient system capable of sustaining outstanding performance.

Read the performance report by The Tolly Group to learn how adapters are key in unlocking unprecedented speed, functionality and scale to enable the data-centric cloud and edge data centers of tomorrow.

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