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Adapter Cards

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ConnectX ® Adapter Cards Firmware
Product Line Network Protocol
ConnectX®-6 Lx Ethernet
ConnectX®-6 Dx Ethernet
ConnectX®-6 Ethernet
InfiniBand / VPI
ConnectX®-5 Ethernet
InfiniBand / VPI
ConnectX®-4 Lx Ethernet
ConnectX®-4 Ethernet
InfiniBand / VPI
ConnectX®-3 Pro Ethernet
InfiniBand / VPI
ConnectX®-3 Ethernet
InfiniBand / VPI
Connect-IB® InfiniBand
ConnectX®-2 Ethernet
InfiniBand / FCoE / VPI

Switch Systems Firmware
Product Line Network Protocol
Mellanox Quantum™ InfiniBand
Switch-IB™ 2 InfiniBand
Switch-IB™ InfiniBand
SwitchX®-2/SwitchX® InfiniBand
InfiniScale® InfiniBand

Gateway Systems Firmware
Product Line Network Protocol
BridgeX® InfiniBand

Legacy Products Firmware
Product Line Network Protocol
ConnecX® Ethernet
InfiniBand / FCoE / VPI
InfiniHost® III Lx Single port (Cheetah / Tiger)
InfiniHost® III Ex Dual port (Lion Cub/Mini)
InfiniHost® Dual port (Cougar Cub)
InfiniScale® III InfiniScale® III Switch Systems
InfiniScale® InfiniScale® Switch Systems

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