Mellanox Breaks Low Latency Barrier for High Frequency Trading
Unmatched Performance With ConnectX-4 Lx and VMA

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Mellanox Financial & Trading Solutions

With the advent of algorithmic trading, the need for low latency trading platform becomes very crucial. In these market data exchange environments, where, for example, when executing arbitrage strategies, every millisecond lost may result in ~$100M lost opportunity. Hence, speed becomes the key differentiator, making it critical to establish the lowest possible latency between processing environments. The ultimate competitive advantage in businesses that supports low latency trading lies in the ability to access the liquidity pool faster than the competition, outperforming competitors during peak periods of intense activity. Low latency trading firms require an agile and high performing infrastructure that addresses the enormous volumes and surges of high rate data speeds which are typically associated with periods of market volatility.

Mellanox end-to-end smart interconnect technology, provides the lowest and more deterministic latency than any other network products for Low Latency Trading.

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Connect-X Series Adapters

10/25/40/50/100/ 200Gb Ethernet

Industry’s Lowest and Most Predictable Latency Adapter for Trade-Match Servers
  • ConnectX-5 Ex provides an unmatched combination of 100Gb/s bandwidth, sub-microsecond latency and 200 million messages per second
  • Mellanox ConnectX-4 Lx adapter supports 10 & 25GbE with same cabling infrastructure, enabling traders to future proof their system and get the best ROI
  • Highly Accurate Time Synchronization and integrated with TimekeeperTM from FMSLabs
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SN Series Ethernet Switches

10/25/40/50/100Gb Ethernet

Industry’s Lowest Latency Ethernet Switch Over 10GbE
  • Spectrum-based switch delivers cut through latency of 300ns with zero frame loss at all frame size and all link speeds
  • Spectrum-based switches deliver predictable performance even during microburst
  • Powered by Cumulus Linux, Spectrum is optimized for multicast head-of-line (HOL) blocking, preventing congestion even in scenario with slow receivers
  • Enhanced buffer monitoring allowing proactive congestion management and enabling preemptive
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VMA Messaging Accelerator

Supercharges Trading Speed

Industry’s Only Open Source Solution for High Frequency Trading
  • Less time for IO means more time for trading: VMA Offloads IO processing from Operating System to Mellanox Adapters
  • Delivering Industry’s lowest latency ~2us per trade
  • Supports Socket-based Applications over TCP & UDP (Unicast & Multicast)
  • Boost Performance out-of-box with Open-Source software

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