NVIDIA® BlueField SNAP™ (Software-defined Network Accelerated Processing) enables hardware virtualization of NVMe storage. The BlueField SNAP framework enables customers to easily integrate networked storage solutions into their cloud or enterprise server deployments. SNAP brings virtualized storage to bare-metal clouds and makes composable storage simple. It enables the efficient disaggregation of compute and storage to allow fully-optimized resource utilization. In short it makes composable storage a SNAP!

BlueField SNAP logically presents networked storage, such as NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF), as a local NVMe drive. This allows the host OS/Hypervisor to use a standard NVMe-driver instead of a remote networking storage protocol. The host benefits from the performance and simplicity of local NVMe storage, unaware that remote Ethernet or InfiniBand connected storage is being utilized and virtualized by SNAP. Furthermore SNAP may apply sophisticated logic and data protection mechanisms (mirroring, compression, data-de-duplication, thin-provisioning, encryption, etc.) to the network storage that it virtualizes as local NVMe.

BlueField SNAP empowers customers with the freedom to implement their own storage technology and solutions on top of the SNAP framework, which runs on the BlueField® DPU controller. SNAP achieves both performance and software transparency by leveraging BlueField’s embedded hardware storage acceleration engines along with integrated programmable Arm cores. This powerful combination is agile yet completely transparent to host software, allowing SNAP to be integrated into almost any storage solution.

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