Mellanox Research Partners

Mellanox works closely with academic and institutional research partners to advance the state of the art in high performance I/O and clustering interconnects. Listed below are several research labs which are actively working with Mellanox to advance InfiniBand solutions. If you have an interesting area of research or would like to partner with Mellanox please contact

Parallel Architecture and System Laboratory (PASL)

Auburn University’s Parallel Architecture and System Laboratory (PASL) has active research projects on cloud computing, programming models, memory and storage systems, and multidisciplinary scientific computing on parallel and distributed systems. The team is developing a Hadoop Acceleration framework to support scalable data analytics in the cloud with latest high-speed networking technologies. PASL hosts several research projects related to cloud-based big data analytics for NSF, NASA, national labs, and industry.

Distributed Computing (DISCO) Laboratory

The Distributed Computing (DISCO) Laboratory supports research in operating systems, parallel and distributed systems, and systems support for large networks of embedded systems. They are currently developing a new operating system architecture, called Split-OS (funded by NSF CAREER award CCR-0133366), for the next generation of internet servers built as clusters of intelligent devices. The lab hosts several projects related to Split-OS covering networking and file system issues as well as highly-available services.

University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory

The University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL) tests networking and data communications products. Since 1988, the laboratory has fostered multi-vendor interoperability while preparing UNH students for careers in the industry. The laboratory has grown steadily into one of the industry’s premier independent proving grounds for new technologies.

Virginia Tech Terascale Cluster

Virginia Tech - Research Computing Department: The constant evolution of computers opens thousands of opportunities to explore ideas that were difficult, if not impossible, to undertake only a few years ago. Virginia Tech strives to be one of the top research universities in the U.S. and contributes many computing resources toward that goal.

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