Authorized Service Partners

Our authorized service partners and remote support desk offices are on the front line every day, implementing our professional front-end services and providing timely in-country local language services at the highest quality in the industry. Authorized partners are key to our service business strategy as they enable Mellanox to be there, supporting our customers no matter when or where. For our partners, Mellanox is an effective and reliable business partner, driving technology solutions and your business goals to the next level.

Regional Support Office Services

  • Multilingual support in English and local languages
  • Email, phone and field service support
  • Replacement parts
  • Local support to complement Mellanox's global support which includes existing parts and maintenance engineering teams and 24/7 Customer Response Centers

Contact Support Mellanox Call Center

+1 408.916.0055
Toll-free (USA only)
86-Mellanox (8663552669)

Regional Support Centers


+86 400 671 8505

South Korea

Middle East - Dubai