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Project Delivery Services – Remote Diagnostics Review


With years of experience, the Mellanox Services team enables customers and partners to focus on their core business while we do the heavy lifting. Our expert Field Service Engineers are backed up by our three-tier Support team, subject matter experts, and direct access to Engineering for exceptional instances. By choosing Mellanox Remote Services, customers and partners can expect a fully configured turnkey solution ready for production, and thus increased overall ROI.


Whether newly deployed or preexisting, all networks need to be audited from time-to-time to ensure optimal operation. The Remote Diagnostics Review package is designed to optimize Mellanox InfiniBand and Ethernet performance through all stages of a network’s lifecycle. This package is built from the extensive knowledge of the Mellanox Support and Services team in diagnosing troubles in networks, with the goal of reducing surprise design issues and network downtime.


A Mellanox engineer will (a) conduct a remote live diagnostic session to assess the current state of the network, (b) evaluate the gathered information and generate a report detailing the findings of the review, and (c) present the findings, highlight positive items and outline the appropriate actions for troubling areas.

Live Diagnostic Session

An experienced Mellanox Field Service Engineer (FSE) will remotely perform a network review of multiple points, including, but not limited to:

  • Prototype of the environment
  • Inventory:
    • Switches, SW/FW version
    • HCAs, driver, and FW version
    • Cables and cable PNs
  • Review:
    • Server performance tuning
    • Recent server logs
    • Management modules and configuration
    • Switch logs
    • Subnet Manager configuration
    • End-to-end performance

Findings Review

After the information gathering session, our team of FSE and Support engineers will parse and analyze the array of data, looking for errors, configuration issues, and best practice items. Their findings will be compiled into a comprehensive report to be delivered to the customer.

Findings Presentation

The Findings report won’t simply be issued to the customer, but rather our team will present and review the details during an open discussion conference. Critical items and their resolutions will be highlighted. Minor and best practice items will be discussed along with recommendations and resolutions. Additionally, the Mellanox support team will be made aware of the details in the report, increasing their ability to respond to emergency situations.

Package Offering and Duration

The Remote Project Delivery Services implementation package consists of one prepaid session per workday. The number of sessions required for each engagement is determined by the number of switches and end nodes serviced. Mellanox GPS believes this service is best suited to smaller deployments, and therefore, for the majority of customers, a single session should be sufficient.


Ordering Part NumberDescriptionQuantity

Ordering Part Number Description Quantity
GPS-DIAG-PACK Mellanox fabric diagnostic pack including a live remote diagnostic session of the network components by a Mellanox professional service engineer, a detailed report that includes the findings, points to preserve, current risks in the fabric and technical recommendations, online follow-up session to present the findings and mitigate risks Determined by network size

For more information, please contact your Account Manager.


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