EVPN VXLAN: The Next Generation of Network Virtualization

Affordable, Scalable, and Versatile Solution

VXLAN (Virtual Extensible LAN) has become mainstream for network virtualization. EVPN (Ethernet Virtual Private Networks) VXLAN – using BGP as the control plane – is becoming the preferred way to virtualize data center networks without dedicated controllers. Controllers have their uses, but they are typically proprietary and come with additional CapEx and OpEx. Below are the top 3 considerations for choosing a high performance, controllerless, virtualized network solution:

  • Design a virtualized network based on your needs instead of vendor limitations. Don’t compromise on VXLAN functionality
  • Anticipate the growth of your data center and use components that will scale with you
  • Don’t pay extra license fees for the basic features you need

With Mellanox Open Ethernet switches you get functionality and scalability without the licensing fees other vendors charge.

What is EVPN? Learn More!

Learn more about Ethernet Virtual Private Networks
Check out our solution brief that introduces the technology and how a network could be built.

Learn how to build an affordable, scalable and versatile EVPN VXLAN
Our technical note presents topology examples, configurations, solution benefits and details around the inner workings of EVPN VXLAN.

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Webinar: Cloud Scale Networking with Cumulus

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Want to Hear More?

This brief podcast with Packet Pushers goes over the key elements of the EVPN VXLAN solution based on Mellanox Spectrum switches running Cumulus Linux. The podcast covers:

  • The emergence of EVPN VXLAN fabrics
  • How Open Ethernet makes EVPN affordable
  • Fabric Performance & Scale considerations



Top 3 considerations for picking your BGP EVPN VXLAN infrastructure

Is it Time to Upgrade to VXLAN?

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